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Hear LVCI’s debut single “Drives Me Wild” now

Control Records is thrilled to announce “Drives Me Wild,” the debut single from dark pop solo artist LVCI.

This single and its video were recorded in New York in December 2016, along with several other LVCI tracks–the next of which we will be dropping in the coming months!



When LVCI took her first steps into the music industry, it was not with the the ‘80s synth-oriented music a la Depeche Mode and the Sisters Of Mercy that she loves (a space-time impossibility, really, being that she was born in 1994), but within the Glasgow metal scene. It was a quick teacher of one lesson the hard-working young model and musician has carried through her careers: She wasn’t going to end up in a dead-end band that only played her hometown and never got out. Full stop.

She grew up playing guitar and always had an affinity for music, but it was ultimately her rebellious nature and a windfall of unexpected failures in high school that pushed her to study it officially at the University Of Highlands And Islands in Iverness, Scotland. “It wasn’t completely random. I just sort of wanted to do something crazy to piss off my parents and I actually ended up getting a degree in it.”

She jokes that through her education, she went from being “not terrible” to “pretty good,” but Control Records founder William Francis would argue that she far surpasses that modest accolade. He compares her dulcet soprano to that of a young Billie Holiday and says it captured him immediately upon seeing her acoustic covers on YouTube. “She makes videos with her acoustic guitar and her voice is just one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard—it’s haunting,” he says.

Some such covers on her channel, theluciferfallen, include tunes from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Marilyn Manson, Misfits, Emily Autumn and more, where she reimagines the songs acoustic, lending them her breathy, bluesy falsetto. As she covers “Why Don’t You Do Right” in a red dress with the waves in her flame-colored hair gently sweeping down the body of her guitar, thin, pale fingers gently caressing its neck, it is, indeed, easy to picture her as a spectre in a historical, velvet-draped lounge crooning alongside the classics.

On her fully produced Control Records debut, LVCI will channel Lorde in latex; CHVRCHES illuminated in red rather than pastel; Melanie Martinez’s bad influence big sister. She is the Neuromantic Movement’s answer to the modern alt-pop star, dropping a veil of darkness over her synth-pop and echoing the gothic tones of her labelmates.

LVCI has all the makings of a goth-pop superstar who could dominate this world, but remains humble in her vision for her work. “Something that I’ve tried to do with my modeling is not to be the biggest, but to have a solid reputation and to have people know who I am and be like, ‘She’s great to work with.’ Just getting out there and having people think my stuff is good is the main thing—that people enjoy it.”

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