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Black Blinds

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Every decade a band comes along that changes the musical landscape. Bestowing the uniqueness of a headstone with the familiarity of Depeche Mode, Peter Murphy, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure, Black Blinds has defined a sound none like another. Cauterizing post punk and grave wave tendencies to form a scathing sonance readily evokes a morbid yet charming familiarity. Juxtaposing linear music against hauntingly morose lyrics the duo compose a satirical parade among the solace and mundane. Misery loves company and listeners will somberly adhere to the bands unmedicated lapses as they bounce between eerily youthful and resonant lows.



Finally, they are back and set to release a new EP titled Latitudes. The five-track collection sees them infuse their echoing darkwave with more rock and fuller production values.
1. Brittle Bones 3:59
2. Cries or Knives 3:00
3. Latitudes 3:59
4. Shake Every Cloud 2:43
5. Slow Graves 3:19



“Unique” and “new” are adjectives banded about the music industry so often that they have both become very unrepresentative of their meanings. That is of course until you stumble across artists or groups where these words become a wholly relevant way of describing their sound.” — Mark Jennings – subba-cultcha ( London )

“Beautiful morose ballads with resonant vocals and slow guitar riffs represent a keen dark beauty of Black Blinds.” — Songster

“A hauntingly catchy Virginia duo bringing dark wave back” — Cassie Whitt – Alternative Press
“A fantastically deep group that pulls you into to each story and makes you want more.” — Kyle Bloom – Wavy TV

“Laced with enough new wave glitz to be surely certified gold in 1982” — Matt Crane – Hellhound Music



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    Norfolk-based alternative/darkwave duo, Black Blinds, will be releasing their new EP, Latitudes on September 22nd via William Control’s label, Control Records. The EP was mix...