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“Revelations” The Red EP

Artist: William Control
Label: Control Records
Release Date: 14-7-2017
Genre: Techno

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1. Kiss The Girl
2. Let Her Go
3. Scars
4. Submit

About Album

The ‘Revelations’ EP series goes into the third round and the latest ‘William Control’ release is called ‘Revelations: The Red EP’. The concept of getting a 4-track EP every 4-5 months is definitely interesting. The advantage is that you as a fan doesn’t have to wait almost an eternity for an album. In addition, you focus better and more intense on the individual songs.

Without a doubt, the red thread conceptually draws significantly by the artwork. But also musically, ‘William Control’ has once again landed a perfect match here. The distinctive sound is more sophisticated and also characterizing for ‘William Control’.