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The Neuromantic Boys '...Are Here!'



Artist: Black Blinds
Label: Control Records
Release Date: 22-9-2017
Genres: Dark Wave, Indie, New Wave

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1. Brittle Bones Buy Track
2. Cries or Knives Buy Track
3. Latitudes Buy Track
4. Shake Every Cloud Buy Track
5. Slow Graves Buy Track

About Album

“We first introduced you to haunting electronic duo Black Blinds back in 2013 with the premiere of their “Bloodbath” video. And we were bummed not to hear from them for a few years. Finally, they are back and set to release a new EP titled Latitudes. The five-track collection sees them infuse their echoing darkwave with more rock and fuller production values, revealing a more exciting Black Blinds than the one we met on their self-titled album so many years ago.”
Cassie Whitt – Alternative Press

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