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The Neuromantic Boys '...Are Here!'


…Are Here!

…Are Here!

The Neuromantic Boys - 'Are Here' album
Artist: The Neuromantic Boys
Label: Control Records
Release Date: 20-4-2018
Genres: Electropop, New Wave

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1. "Kiss Me Like You Used To"
2. "The Night Is Ours"
3. "Lost Boys"
4. "On The Run" (Feat. LEXXE)
5. "Annabelle Lee"


"Kiss Me Like You Used To"

It's been so many years I don't know how to feel
And my shattered heart never really did heal
Now you come back around like a Wonder Wheel
But my chest is empty there's nothing to steal

I don't care how beautiful you are
I always knew that you would be a star
It's who you are

Kiss me like you used to when we were 17
And learned everything from magazines and movie screens
Kiss me like you used to when you used to love me
When every kiss meant everything to me

I spent so many nights not quite sure how to deal
You fed me scraps when I needed a meal

Why do you act like this with me
Im not the cause of your misery
You were the one that just had to leave
Not me

"The Night Is Ours"

Your scent is faint
the bed is still
What can I do?
If there's a way, I've got the will
I will find you

Alone in the dark, the engine in park
Oh, your dreams will only take you so far
Start up the car, let's head for the stars
You and me, we can burn bright and heavenly

The streets are ours, we own the night
And we won't sleep till morning light.

And alI want is in your eyes
Time means nothing
I won't come down from these clouds
Give me something

To live and to die
To have and to hold
Oh, your dreams will only take you so far.
Get out o the car
Let's head for the stars
You and me, we can burn bright and heavenly

The streets are ours, we own the night
And we won't sleep till morning light.

"Lost Boys"

We left our love in the hands of fate
We were lost boys, young we stayed
We lived our lives like we were gods
We were children against the odds
We'd battle on till the hour was late
We were Death's sons, at night we'd play
We were so cold that you'd think we were dead
We were brothers until the end

Wait, soon you'll feel no more pain
As the rhythm tat beats inside of you
Wanes until it's quieter than rain
That life that is ours we can give to you

Hey we are the lost boys
The children of the damned
We could show you Neverland
We can take you home just give me your hand

We cast aside heaven's night on faith
To the darkness we would pay
We grew so old over centuries spread
We were legends, the never dead

We'd stalk the empty city streets
While other kids slept under sheets
in their beds, dreams in their heads
But we had a hunger to be fed

We'd walk the lonely avenues
Under a sky of black and blue
Forever wed, to the night we said
But is that still even true?

"On The Run" (Feat. LEXXE)

I saw your face and it was like an angel sighing but I
felt the same as I had before
Thought we were safe but we were never not dying
I feel the shame as you walk out the door

If love is a waste
Then it was both our hearts lying
I felt the pain as you cried on the floor
Thought we could change
Yeah we never were not trying
Under the rain, us apart love has torn

And now you're running away
I never know what to say
It's like my words can't escape
I try to tell you to stay
All the promises make
But I'm running in place
Every night every day
And I'm always to blame come nightfall

Holding on isn't easy when you're gone
It's like you're always on the run
Loving me wasn't what you'd planned it'd be
Like the moon chasing the sun
You're always on the run

If heaven's a place, tell me where has it been hiding?
I've searched for a lifetime amour
You gave me a taste
Now I'm hooked and can't stop buying
But you don't give the same as before

I can't be just what you need
It's hard to say but it's easy to leave
I'l never forget our first eclipse
Maybe the moon needs someone to miss

"Annabelle Lee"

I heard the news but I couldn't believe
What the moon was telling to me
I had to go for myself and see
My Annabel, Annabel Lee
I prayed to God that it was all a dream
That I heard wrong about the night time breeze
But there you were in a tomb by the sea
My Annabel, Annabel Lee

We loved with a love that was more than love
Coveted by the winged seraphs above
Not half as happy as her and me
They killed my bride, my Annabel Lee

Now the moon doesn't dare to beam
Without the ghost it brings to haunt my dreams
Every night I lay there down at your feet
My Annabel, Annabel Lee

I prayed to God they'd let you come back to me
But they stole you in the night like a thief
From the clouds came and chilled your body
My Annabel, Annabel Lee

Neither the angels in heaven above
Not the demon down under the sea
Could ever dissever my would from the soul of my
beautiful Annabel Lee

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The Neuromantic Boys’ debut album is here!

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